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The Economic Calendar Form Guide

Built for Currency Traders!

  • Economic News Calendar directly to your inbox
  • Historic probability of direction presented for each upcoming event
  • Shows historical market direction over specific time frames
  • Historical charts showing the previous market direction for each event



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Halifax Economic Trading Calendar

Halifax Economic Calendar - News Event Trading Signals based on historical economic events.


Designed to give you insight into market direction around economic news releases, our News Event Trading Service (NETS) sorts through the upcoming economic calendar, presenting you with a historical look on how each currency pair has moved following the economic news release based upon the previous twelve occurrences.


You will no longer have to manually sort through an abundance of upcoming economic indicators, which can get overwhelming at times. Events & Trade does this for you by analysing the impact each report has had historically on related currency pairs when the figures have: exceeded market expectations, fallen short or come in as forecasted.


The NETS service provides you with valuable insights that can be utilised to generate entry points or as a valuable confirmation tool for your existing methods of analysis.


The NETS tool assesses the difference between the actual news result and the general market expectation to identify short term trading opportunities that typically last from 2 to 48 hours.

How Does The NETS Service Work?

Take a closer look at the calendar page and follow the steps below to find out how to use the NETS Service.


This tool is designed to give you, as a trader a concise visual account of the actual impact previous economic events have had across many forex pairs. NETS is simple and easy to understand, instead of having an entire events calendar Halifax searches a regular event calendar for events that have tradeable opportunities based on the statistical analysis. Once your chosen news event is clicked on [FIG.1:], you will be taken to the opportunity page where you are presented with a list of opportunities across multiple currency pairs and time frames. [FIG.2:]






Once you have selected & clicked on the opportunity you will be taken to the summary page where you can view the previous 12 news events and the respective price charts of those events. [FIG.3:] On the summary page you are given a breakdown of the opportunities for the selected currency pair and time period as well as being able to view the previous 12 events and the effects of the outcome on the market.




If you then select the 'Highlight Historical Events' button, the previous events price charts will be opened and highlighted for you to view the impact of the outcome on the market. [FIG.4:] You will now be able evaluate each opportunity based on the probability of the historical outcome, which is easily seen on the visual price charts. The NETS tool will add value to your trading arsenal by equipping you with insight into the News Events. This will allow you to trade with additional information around economic events.


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