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Collective 2 Strategies

Collective 2 allows traders to copy the entries and exits and other traders who publish their returns to Collective 2. As opposed to having to spend years of learning you can tap into the knowledge of experienced traders who have already done the hard work.

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About C2 Trading Systems

Most traders on Collective 2 have an investment approach that looks to aggressively speculate on price movement, however there are also many less aggressive and more conservative systems that share a similar amount of risk to a diversified share portfolio. The range of system available is diverse, from blue chip share portfolios, to small cap portfolios to derivative trading systems. 

The advantages of investing into a trading system or portfolio of trading systems are as follows:

  • Diversified – a portfolio of systems can operate across a range of products including, shares, exchange traded funds, options, forex and futures.

  • Active – most of the trading strategies apply an active management approach.

  • Efficient – Most systems only trade liquid assets listed on stock or commodity exchanges or deep liquidity pools offering investors the most transparent and inexpensive way to gain exposure to a stock, forex fund or commodity.

  • Semi Passive – Most strategies are systematic and are plug and play. There is only monitoring to do at your end.

  • Timely – rather than stay exposed to market fluctuations many strategies attempt to commit to the market in situations where it has historically been opportune to do so.

  • Contrarian – a lot of strategies tend to 'fade the crowd' i.e. buying when the majority are selling, and selling when the majority are buying.

  • Protective – some of the systems can potentially offset reductions in the value of your portfolio when share prices are falling.

In our view, incorporating a portfolio of trading systems is an efficient way to speculate with a small portion of your investment capital with the goal of generating speculative returns or potentially profiting from market movement where other asset classes lose value. There is however a high risk of loss in speculative trading and no system, regardless of it's historical performance is without a significant degree of risk. If you only allocate a smaller portion of your investment capital then the risk in our opinion is worth taking.

Trading Systems & Portfolios

Please note the systems on Collective2 are provided on a no advice basis.



The online platform that connects investors with top-performing traders. Automatically make the same trades as our trade leaders in your own brokerage account. There is a US$99 per month autotrade fee plus the monthly cost of the system.

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